An exceptional rare treat – pizzas donated by a wonderful supporter of ENCIRCLES

evening food distribution


Monday to Saturday:  1900 – 2000hrs

Sunday:                         1800 – 1900hrs

ENCIRCLES are extremely grateful to the local companies of Salisbury who supply us with their hot and cold food at the end of each working day.  Throughout the winter months, local Churches supply us with hot, filling soup.  All food is distributed each evening to the Street Homeless, our friends living in Supported Accommodation and even some of our friends who are experiencing financial concerns.  

We don’t like to leave anyone hungry on the streets of Salisbury during the evenings.  

Sometimes this can be the only hot food they eat throughout the day.

The Evening Food Distribution takes place 7 days a week at the Poultry Cross during the summer months and beside the Library Steps during the darker evenings.