Every evening

At approximately 2100hrs!

A team of our wonderful volunteers brave all weather conditions to drive out to 3 local Co-op stores in the Salisbury area:

Wilton Co-op,

Castle Street Co-op

Wilton Road Co-op

They collect the food, which most shops would just throw into their waste bin; this food is still delicious and consumable.  It is then sorted through by our Community Food Coordinator and held overnight in suitable conditions, which includes refrigerating the chilled foods.  The next morning, another of our volunteers will deliver the foodstuffs to the Community Fridge at Bemerton Heath, the Alabaré Homeless Hostel and John Baker House.

Unfortunately, some people struggle to feed their family and rely on the community fridge to help them make ends meet.  This is a vital lifeline for them.  Encircles helps so many facing such huge difficulties.